5 Lessons Standup Comedians Can Teach You About Public Speaking

Gary Gulman is one of my favorite stand-up comedians. Comedians live and die by the laughter and responses they evoke from the audience. You will learn a lot about your audience's reaction to you. As a videographer or filmmaker, you may sometimes be called upon to record a stand-up comedy gig. Our show, Dear God That's Stone Cold's Music!, is an especially great place to do this because it has featured comedians (people we book), followed by the open mic.

So tonight, after my lesson in comedy, I'll take the stage again—this time in front of an actual audience. Some stand up comedy tips to improve your performance include having emergency filler, asking for suggestions, sharing with rather than speaking at your audience, be more emotional, and change speeds.

So for anyone who is looking at a career in stand-up comedy, comedian Gary Gulman is giving some free tips. Watching bad sets and green comics gave me a lot more growth in my earlier days than watching the great ones. You watch all the great (and some not so great) comics and lots of comedy tv shows.

Lots of new comedians being average as fuck but getting lots of love. You need to be disciplined in your funny writing, dedicating a few hours each day to sitting at a desk and writing jokes. On stage, people laugh or they don't. Don't stop until you finish all your jokes or time runs out, no matter how quiet the crowd is and how much you feel like dying.

This section includes links to online comedy magazines, jokes, comedy advice and more, which makes it a good place to start clicking. In this blog, Stand-Up Comedy Tips: Give Offensive Material to a Character, I suggest that material too offensive, harsh, sexist, racist, or controversial can still be in the show if given to a character.

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